Creating the perfect frame for every kind of artwork, photograph or 3D item.

At Picture Perfect, we believe that every fine art picture frame we create should be both beautiful and functional. The beauty of a frame is the way in which it brings out the aesthetic quality of the artwork it is framing. In fact, even the plainest of picture frames should have a simple elegance with strong corners and a smooth finish.

And let’s not forget the function of bespoke art framing – to protect the artwork or photograph for many years to come, in busy homes, offices, display, retail and social environments. Clearly, it’s not just priceless vintage photographs and delicate pastels that need skilled and sympathetic picture framing services.

So, how to bring out the beauty of your painting, print, drawing, photograph or item of memorabilia?

Obviously, it’s all down to selecting the right combination of frame and mount for your particular item. The best way to do this is to come in and talk to one of our Fine Art Guild Commended Framers, who will give you expert advice on achieving the best result in line with your taste and budget.

This is recommended, because there is a great variety of artwork presentation and framing options available at Picture Perfect – huge ranges of wood mouldings, fillets and slips, coloured mount card chevrons and hand-made cloth mounts to complement your artwork. There’s the glass to choose too, including plain glass, white glass, museum glass, light-etch reflection control and UV filtering glass.

Alternatively, if you live too far away or are too busy to visit and you’d like a quick idea of how your framed print or photo will look, why not try our Visualisation Software. Simply send us a picture by email, with some idea of what you might like and we will email back a mock-up with different mouldings and mounting colour options to give you an example. Whichever option you finally choose, it’s nice to know that it will go straight to our workshop to be selected, cut, joined, sanded and finished by our experienced framers, just as you wanted it.