Protecting your paintings and photographs with conservation framing.

At Picture Perfect, we pride ourselves on being able to work to conservation standards, ensuring the best care for your artwork, whether it’s pastels, watercolours, oil paintings, fine art prints, drawings, or old photographs.

The conservation framing we carry out uses the best available materials throughout the frame’s construction and sealing, including museum glazing, conservation quality mount board and fillets – all designed to prevent any fading, foxing, or long term chemical deterioration of your artwork.

Using the correct methods

But it’s not just about using the right the products, it's also the methods used when framing. For example, original and delicate watercolours are sometimes hinged using masking tape. The glues in the tape will adversely affect the artwork, and over time, cause it to fall within the frame, making it almost impossible to remove the glue residue in years to come. This will reduce the value of even the most prized piece of artwork.

To find out more about conservation framing, materials like conservation mount board, and how we can preserve your artwork to true conservation standards, please contact Picture Perfect today.