Cleaning, restoration and preservation of any treasured work of art.

At Picture Perfect, we can give you expert advice and carry out both cleaning and restoration of your treasured works of art. This can involve a range of processes including patching, cleaning, re-lining of canvasses, bleaching foxed paper, stripping and re-varnishing.

Our spacious and well-equipped studio specialise in conserving and preserving works of art on paper and board - paintings, drawings, photographs, prints, pastels, paper-based sculptures and installations.

With advanced facilities and in-depth knowledge of both traditional and contemporary conservation techniques, our conservation department offer a uniquely valuable service. Much of this careful, painstaking work is performed in-house whilst other, more sensitive work is sent to external conservation specialists who are an extension of our team.

Preventing damage to your precious artwork can sometimes be as simple as making a few simple changes to presentation and storage. For instance, we can replace acidic mount board with acid-free or buffered mount board, which can remove the need for any further conservation treatments in the future.

For more information on our picture and frame repair and restoration services, please contact Picture Perfect today.